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Pinot Noir Vertical

Pinot Noir Vertical

  • 2017 Estate Pinot Noir  (Daniel Dragert)
  • 2018 Estate Pinot Noir (Brent Rowland)
  • 2019 Estate Pinot Noir (Brent Rowland)

We've opened up the library for an exploration of the past and future of ACV Pinot Noir 

The 2017 wines were the last wines made by winemaker Daniel Dragert (now Kutatas) and the last wines from "phase 1" of ACV. When Brent arrived in 2018 we entered into "phase 2". It has been proven that quality wines can be made on the Island, now we can focus and express what wines from Averill Creek Vineyard are. Brent brings 15 years of winemaking, including 25 international harvests, learning from some of the best Pinot Noir and Pinot Gris producers on the planet. There is a definite typicity and continuity in the three wines. 2018 was Brent's first year at Averill and, as you will taste, some stylistic changes were made in the cellar and in the vineyard to preserve a bit more fruit, texture and freshness. In 2019 Brent became more familiar with the fruit and the site, building the focus and precision of the wines.

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