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Bio & Photo

Andy & Wendy Johnston Biography
Andy & Wendy Johnston Photograph

Upon Request
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Brent Rowland Biography
Brent Rowland Photograph

Upon Request
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Vineyard Profile

Brand Summary
Vineyard Profile

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Product Shots


Charme De L'Ile - Upon Request
2010 Brut
2016 Rose
2015 Gewurztraminer - Upon Request
2014 Pinot Noir - Upon Request
2014 Merlot
2013 Foch Cab
2009 Foch Cab Reserve
2014 Somenos Foch Cab
2008 Cowichan Tawny
2014 Somenos Pinot Noir
NV Cowichan Black - Upon Request
NV Cowichan Blue
2016 Pinot Grigio
2015 Somenos Pinot Gris - Upon Request