Brent Rowland, Winemaker


What does it take to be the winemaker at
Averill Creek Vineyard?

Start by graduating with Distinction in Viticulture & Oenology, then layer on the experience of creating 19 vintages in 4 different countries. Add a little science, plenty of artistry, intimate knowledge of Vancouver Island terroir, and a whole lot of manual labour. Meet Brent Rowland: Averill Creek’s esteemed new winemaker... slash mid-century-modern-danish-furniture lover, and wannabe surf-bum.

Brent graduated with distinction from the University of Adelaide’s Oenology & Viticulture program in Australia and has worked in renowned wineries such as By Farr in Australia, Calera in California, Escarpment in New Zealand and most recently at Pearl Morissette in Niagara. Now with over 18 international harvests, Brent’s focus is on producing quality Pinot Noir. “The approach to my winemaking career was quite premeditated. I wanted to focus on Pinot Noir but didn’t want to go to Burgundy to learn a recipe. Instead, I chose to work at estates that I felt were the best at taking the Burgundian philosophy and adapting it to their specific region, make intelligent responses to the environment, while remaining loyal to Burgundian winemaking ethos.”

Brent jumped at the opportunity and to move across the country to work for with the team at Averill Creek. “I feel that Averill Creek has all the components required to make quality, focused wines with complexity, amazing perfume, poise and restraint.”