The Vineyard

Founded in 2001, the Averill Creek Vineyard sits on the southeastern slope of Mt.Prevost, and consists of 32 acres of planted vines at elevations between 118 and 240 meters above sea level. Its unique combination of soil, aspect, and climate makes it an ideal place for growing cool weather varietals.

The soil under Averill Creek is Royston-Qualicum (a blend of glacial sand and gravel) – sloped, well drained, and with a little preparation, perfect for viticulture. After the land was cleared and prepared, planting began in 2002. A vertical shoot positioning system (Guyot) is used to allow for optimal photosynthesis, air circulation, and ripening.

While the Cowichan Valley already has long, dry summers, the southern aspect of the vineyard captures enough heat that it is not unusual for it to be several degrees warmer than the surrounding valley. The southern aspect of Mt. Prevost, not coincidentally, is also a prime site for Vancouver Island paragliders, who take advantage of the warm
currents of air rising from the mountainside.

Averill Creek’s small-lot plantings of Pinot Noir, Pinot Gris, Gew├╝rztraminer, Mar├ęchal Foch, Foch Cabernet, Cabernet Libre, and Merlot are cared for by hand, and pruned to yield around 2.5 tons/acre. While some varietals are capable of producing much more fruit, yields are kept low to increase the quality of fruit harvested.

Great winemaking always begins in the vineyard. We are dedicated to producing premium quality wines, and growing the highest quality fruit is where we start.